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March 11, 2013

Pet Lifesavers Programme Proving popular

“This programme will give me the confidence to deal with an emergency – highly recommended.” “Great webinar – I picked up some important tips.” “The webinar was fantastic, thank you!” These are just some of the comments from pet owners that registered for the three part Pet Livesavers Programme from The Veterinary Expert. Developed exclusively by vets, the programme’s webinars give pet owners reliable and practical advice about what to do in a pet medical emergency and are available for all those who register to view as many times as they like, whenever they like.

Broadcast live on the 21st and 27th Feb and the 6th March, the webinars contain valuable information for pet owners such as essential pet first aid, what to do if you suspect you pet has eaten something poisonous and how to recognise the signs of a true medical emergency. Completely free to view, all that is required to ‘attend’ is a device with an internet connection and speakers.

Registration is straightforward and available even after the live broadcasts – visit www.petlifesavers.com and an e-mail will be sent with instructions on how to attend with just a few clicks. Links to recordings of the webinars will be sent to all those who have registered, so there is no need to worry if anything is missed.

As with all the information on offer from The Veterinary Expert, the Pet LifeSavers Programme is developed exclusively by vets, so can be trusted. An extensive library of jargon free articles and videos about pet health can be found at www.theveterinaryexpert.com and if you register for e-mail updates from The Veterinary Expert, you will not only be alerted to new articles and videos as soon as they are available and receive information about upcoming webinar series but you will also get the exclusive canine ‘7 signs not to ignore’ guide. The Veterinary Expert is on Facebook and Twitter too, so for fascinating daily pet health facts and hot off the press news, follow @Vet_Expert and visit www.facebook.com/vetexpert where you can put your pet health questions to the team – it’s like having your own online vet!


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The Veterinary Expert promotes the well-being and safety of companion animals by educating owners about diseases and conditions that can affect their pets. Providing concise yet authoritative information on more involved medical and surgical issues that can affect pets, information is conveyed in ‘non-technical’ language that doesn’t affect the accuracy of the message. With all resources written by vets, The Veterinary Expert aims to be the most trusted and widely used source of pet information on the internet.

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