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December 5, 2013

Pedigree Angus cattle – only the ‘Best’ will do

Farming, as well as sport, is in the blood of celebrated Irish and British Lions’ rugby player Rory Best. So, given this background, it will not come as a total surprise to learn that he – in tandem with his father John – have established a pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd at their farm near Gilford in Co Armagh.

“We have built up cow numbers slowly over the past number of years,” Rory explained.

“Angus breeding stock have a lot to offer the livestock sector, from a quality beef point of view.

He continued:

“We have sourced bloodlines form top herds throughout the island of Ireland and are well pleased with the quality of the progeny now on the ground.”

There are currently 50 breeding females in the ‘Loughans’ herd, which was established in 2009.

John Best takes up the story:

“We will probably expand numbers to a small degree during the period ahead. The Angus is a native breed. Demand for the cattle continues to increase on the back of the various quality beef schemes, which all of the main supermarkets are all endorsing. In terms of our own breeding policy, we have put a strong emphasis in producing easy calving stock.

“A key attraction of Angus sires is that they can be used in both suckler and dairy herds to tremendous effect. We have sold a number of our pedigree stock over the last number of months and the feedback received has been very positive.  Our plan is to sell a number of bulls, both privately and at Angus breed sales, over the coming months.”

In terms of managing the herd John and Rory ensure that the needs of the cattle are met at all times. In this context, implementing an effective worming strategy is crucially important.

“Maintaining the health of all our stock is crucially important,” Rory stressed.

“Dectomax is the wormer that we have always used on our cattle. It is very effective and the pour on is very handy to work with. It is also rain proof, which allows its easy use on all our stock prior to housing in the autumn.

Dectomax Pour-On is a ready to use solution for the treatment and control of round worms and other parasites, which impair the health and productivity of cattle. It can be used on all ages and classes of beef cattle, including in-calf suckler cows. Dectomax is the product of choice used by numerous livestock farmers across Northern Ireland.

Elanco’s Bill Ferris was a recent visitor to the Best farm. He complemented Rory and John on the quality of their stock and their commitment to attaining the highest standards of stockmanship. Bill went on to confirm that worm burdens have been rising on local farms over recent weeks.

“Rory and John are among the many livestock farmers who realise the effectiveness and versatility of Dectomax Pour On,” he explained.

The product can be applied quickly and easily. What’s more, it has a long action, making Dectomax particularly suitable for controlling parasites in cattle.”

Bill Ferris concluded:

“It is crucially important for livestock farmers to implement effective worming policies in the run up to housing.”