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March 23, 2014

Online opportunity unleashed for vet practices

A new free online opportunity for vet practices has emerged and it’s come direct from the heart of the veterinary community. Vetmart (www.vetmart.net) is the brainchild of Caroline and Jeremy Johnson MRCVS, who are both well known to vets. So far, the site has had views in six figures and is set to grow exponentially. Vet practices are already using the site for free, to list their services.

Like many businesses, veterinary practices have been under-fire from Internet sales and many have been forced to re-consider their business model. Competing without knowledge of the techniques and resources that drive online traffic has made it difficult for practices to compete with Internet giants. Vetmart uses the ‘stronger together’ model to allow small and medium sized veterinary businesses to be competitive in the online marketplace.

Caroline Johnson is Vetmart’s Sales Director, “Vetmart is highly successful at promoting animal related services from physiotherapy to photography. That’s great for practices because it’s a one stop shopping destination for anyone with an animal. It’s rapidly becoming the site to visit when you need to find a veterinary acupuncturist, pet walker or farrier, or just fancy getting away from it all with a pet friendly holiday. What better place to talk about pet health plans, hydrotherapy facilities or indeed any other piece of kit or service that would give pet owners a reason to seek you out. We would love as many practices as possible to have a presence here and for the profession to be ‘stronger together’.”

The site allows outlets to list as many services or products as they want at no cost. Visitors simply click through to find details and will also discover the practice address, telephone number, website and even a map so that they can find it easily.

For those who have not yet dabbled in the Internet it’s an ideal, no-risk way to see the impact having an online presence can have on their business and even existing online businesses can benefit. There’s a straight forward one page registration process to get started and then practices are free to choose which (and how many) services or products to list – whether that’s most popular, every day essentials or unique offerings.

The friendly team at Vetmart are happy to talk newbies through the process but the truth is that anyone who can buy something on line can list something on Vetmart: it really is that easy.