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December 1, 2015

Nutrients may hold the key to problem behaviours, says Nutravet

nutramind2Experts at Nutravet are recommending that vets and vet nurses include an assessment of nutritional status when advising on pet behaviour and mental acuity.  The company has launched Nutramind®,  a high strength nutritional brain health product for cats and dogs, at London Vet Show in the wake of increasing evidence that specific natural nutrients sustain mental function in pets and low levels could even be linked with problems such as dog aggression.

Nutravet’s Nutracalm® product, which is recommended for anxiety and stress, has already proved a popular choice with authorised veterinary practices and Nutramind® will ensure there is now even more choice for vets and vet nurses seeking to make a custom recommendation to fit the needs of individual animals.

Supporting brain health through nutrient supplementation is increasingly recognised as important in puppy training, where omega-3 fatty acids rich in DHA are known to improve learning ability. Puppy foods not specifically enriched in this important nutrient may not contain enough to support the neurological development that continues after birth.  Now studies have also shown that low blood omega-3s can be linked with dog aggression, a finding that should have an immediate impact on the advice given to pet owners.

In older pets with what is often viewed as a ‘natural’ decline in cognitive function, omega-3s rich in DHA are every bit as important, as the nutrient plays an important role in neurotransmission and supports neuronal membranes in aged brains. Furthermore, in the presence of adequate omega-3s, vitamin B has recently been shown to support the health of the aged brain.

Nutramind® contains highly refined high strength Omega-3s, Phosphatidylserine an amino acid derivative found in high levels in the brain, E and B vitamins and Gingko Biloba Extract which has been shown to improve hypoxia tolerance in brain cells and memory.

The researchers at Nutravet believe that the role of nutrition may not yet be fully appreciated in the development of behavioural change in pets.  Matthew Shaw, Nutravet MD says, “Checking for medical issues that could cause behavioural change is second nature for most veterinary professionals.  Adding in a nutritional assessment and/or trial supplementation with Nutramind® is part of that best practice approach. As well as being suitable for young animals and older animals with cognitive decline, there is evidence that nutritional support may benefit mental function in animals throughout life.”

For further information about Nutravet, to place an order, or becoming an Authorised Veterinary Practice contact Nutravet on 0845 604 1688, Email: info@nutravet.co.uk