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April 26, 2013

News from vetpol:

“Vet practices MUST do more to promote themselves online: Now they can!”News from vetpol:

These are the words of Caroline Johnson, Consultant to the profession, at the launch of vetmart.net, a brand-new online marketplace promoting everything veterinary!

Increasingly people are searching for practices, animal products, veterinary services and advice online.  Vetmart seeks to bring everything to one place; thus making life easier for the owner, whilst creating a golden opportunity for practices to promote all they offer to those actively seeking their services.

Vetmart gives animal owners lots of reasons to come to the site as a market place is where people gather.  So it makes sense for vet practices to have a presence where owners are congregating: To engage with them, inform and educate and to promote the services being searched for.

Caroline went onto explain some of the ways in which practices can benefit from using vetmart: “One of the most engaging features on offer is the shopfront facility – like a mini-version of the practice website, showcasing services; this allows you to link back and drive traffic to your main site and/or online shop too.

Where there is a desire to expand and grow online sales, practices also have the opportunity to buy and sell products directly to owners via classified ads – this includes the sale of medicines.

Or if that’s not your ambition, you can simply let people know you exist by listing your practice and its services in our vet practice category – for free!”

The veterinary market is at best stagnant, but those practices successfully engaging in online business are growing, some significantly.  As internet usage continues ever-upward it would appear there are manifold reasons for both animal owners and vet practices to come together under vetmart’s all-encompassing umbrella:  At vetmart owners seeking veterinary products and services can have all their needs met by professionals like you!

So if you want to do more to promote your veterinary business, reach animal owners not currently on your radar – and even expand online sales – don’t delay and log onto vetmart to register.

Vetmart is a cutting-edge development.  If you’d rather have a chat first and find out more about how to grow your business, you may also contact Caroline directly – caroline@vetpol.co.uk

Be part of the future!

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For more information:

Caroline Johnson, Vetpol Ltd,

caroline@vetpol.co.uk ,

Mobile: 07866 475866