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May 24, 2013

New Hill’s Weight Management Product Wows Symposium Attendees

For those vets who have despaired of ever finding a solution to the rising tide of pet obesity, two talks at BSAVA congress signalled that there is hope on the horizon. Nutrition specialists Dr’s Marge Chandler and Iveta Bečvářová, outlined the serious concerns of the ever increasing incidence of pet obesity in the UK and  introduced a totally novel solution: new Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution. While traditional weight loss programmes that apply calorie restriction alone sometimes fail, ‘Metabolic’ utilises the concept of nutrigenomics to assist overweight and obese pets in achieving successful weight loss and on-going weight management.

The application of nutrigenomics already exists within the Hill’s portfolio via the hugely successful Prescription Diet™ j/d. Metabolic is the first product to be designed “from the ground up” using the proven concept  that nutrition can up-regulate and down-regulate gene expression to manage weight. This exciting development allows clinicians and pet owners to see more than just calorie restriction in treating overweight animals, increasing the chances of long-term success.

Dr Bečvářová went into detail about the trials that were performed, with the results of the veterinary supervised  home trials causing a particular stir. “Success in clinical trials under strictly controlled conditions is one thing” Dr Bečvářová explained “but to have an 88% success rate for weight loss in ‘real-life’ home trials is really exciting for us and other small animal vets everywhere.” The food is nutritionally formulated to be suitable for long term use and by switching an obese or overweight animal’s metabolic profile to that more similar to a lean animal, the risk of weight regain after the initial weight loss period is greatly reduced.

Dr. Bečvářová explained that for any newly diagnosed case of obesity, or cases that are responding poorly to other weight loss programmes, Metabolic is the ideal choice because it offers so much more than a traditional weight loss product: as well as being highly effective, it can be fed long-term, reducing the risk of weight gain relapse. The enthusiasm for the product was nicely summed up by one of the delegate’s questions; “Are there going to be Metabolic treats?” to which Dr. Bečvářová replied, “ The Metabolic treats do very well in the U.S and we are looking at the opportunity across Europe to launch them in the near future. We will let you know as soon as we have a product available”

For those that were unable to attend the symposium at BSAVA Congress but want to hear more about new Prescription Diet™ Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution for themselves, Hill’s is running a Metabolic speaker tour throughout April, May and June. The team are due to visit all corners of the UK, bringing the experts direct to cities easily accessed by most vets and nurses. Visit www.hills-symposium.com to download the speaker tour itinerary and booking form to reserve a place.

For more information about Prescription Diet™ Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution, or any of the Hill’s products, visit www.hillsvet.co.uk or www.hillsvet.ie, contact Hill’s Territory Managers or call 0800 282438 (ROI 1800 626002).


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