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September 20, 2016

Lord Lieutenant visits Lintbells’ offices in Herts

John Davies and John Howie receiving their Queen's Award from HM Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, The Countess of Verulam.

John Davies and John Howie were presented with a Queen’s Award by HM Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, The Countess of Verulam.

On Monday 19th September, British company Lintbells, maker of high quality natural pet supplements, was presented with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category by HM Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, The Countess of Verulam.

The Countess presented the award in the form of an engraved lead crystal bowl and a scroll. She congratulated the company on its achievement, remarking that there are many applications for Queens Awards and very, very few are granted.

It was a proud day for company co-founders John Davies and John Howie. Their description of their journey showed just how much hard work and difficult decision making has gone into reaching this point, including some early major investments in funding veterinary trials at the Royal Veterinary College to provide proof of the effects of Lintbells products.

Receiving an award for innovation was particularly special for the company as it is an area of core focus – Lintbells products have to show demonstrable effects in order for the company to release them to market

John Howie paid tribute to the early customers who tried the products then became advocates, telling other pet owners about their experiences, “We never forget what we owe those customers and future ones too and it’s what drives us continually to get better.”

John Davies echoed those views paying tribute to the many long standing relationships the company has fostered with suppliers and customers over the years, “I can promise that if you’ve been impressed by what you’ve seen from Lintbells so far you’ve only experienced the hors d’oeuvres – the main meal is coming right up!”

It is ten years to the month since the company was first incorporated, making the day a very special celebration. The Lintbells team were clearly delighted by their success and celebrated with a cream tea served in a marquee on the farm where the offices are situated.

They were joined by suppliers and customers including the amazing Knebworth Twisters Flyball Team who are sponsored by Lintbells and gave a brilliant, fast-paced demonstration. Luna Animal Rescue, who Lintbells also sponsor, attended with a few furry friends.

For more information about Lintbells and the product range of natural pet supplements visit www.lintbells.com.