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February 22, 2016

Lintbells says a pet needn’t be a show dog to be a Crufts winner

cruftsDog owners around the world have booked their Crufts tickets or are getting ready to watch Crufts on tv. While many will go to the event to gaze upon doggy perfection, Lintbells is reminding pet owners that Crufts also represents a great opportunity to ask the experts to give their pet a healthy makeover.  Lintbells’ veterinary advisers will be on hand to give free help and advice and the company says that it is aiming to ensure that even those dogs that have stayed at home can be winners.

Living with a pet every day sometimes means becoming blind to small changes in their behaviour or appearance. Dog owners can get a fresh perspective for free at Crufts from vets and vet nurses on the new Lintbells stand in Hall 2.

At Lintbells dedicated Mobility Corner there’s an opportunity to discuss concerns and get tailored advice, whether owners are worried about a wobbly or hyperactive puppy, or a creaky older dog that’s struggling to get out of the basket these days. Veterinary Mobility Advisors at Crufts will be identifying which dogs might be helped towards improved joint suppleness and flexibility.

Around one in five dogs are experiencing mobility problems at any one time. More and more pet owners are turning to supplements to support their pet’s mobility with Lintbells’ YUMOVE proving a popular choice. YUMOVE is now the fastest growing joint supplement for dogs* and cats in the UK. Many pet owners will be stocking up on supplies at special Crufts prices at a separate Lintbells stand in Hall 3.

James Howie, Lintbells’ Veterinary Director explains how the company can help, “Dogs that haven’t qualified to be there can’t come along to Crufts but we’ll be asking pet owners to reflect on their pet’s mobility and by asking the right questions we should be able to identify whether that mobility, and therefore healthy, active life, can be improved. Photos on smartphones, daily diaries and exercise logs will all help us figure out if pet owners need to take their dog to the vet, or whether a bit of extra joint support now might make a difference.”

There will be also lots of information on the stand to help pet owners spot the visible signs of aging in their pet and some solutions to make sure that family pets get all the nutritional support they need at this fragile time in their lives.

James says that Crufts is much more than an event just for the elite show dog, “There’s nothing more beautiful in my eyes than a healthy, happy pet and that’s what we can help make happen at Crufts this year. Your dog might not always match the exact standard to make it a winner in the show ring but as long as he or she is a loved family pet and full of vitality, that dog will always be a winner to me.”

To ramp up the fun-factor there will be a competition on the Lintbells stands with great prizes on offer.  The company will also celebrate the Top Brood Bitch Winners receiving their awards on the Lintbells stand in Hall 3.

There’s no need to book an appointment with the Lintbells vets and vet nurses; pet owners should just pop over to the stand in Hall 2 to discuss giving their pet a healthy makeover.


* VetTrak Sales Data, MAT Values (December 2015)