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February 6, 2017

Lintbells offers free AMTRA-accredited CPD

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Lintbells, the premium natural supplements company, has made two online courses available to SQPs online. There’s a total of 12 AMTRA accredited CPD points available and each module takes around 45 minutes.

To gain access to the courses, users visit the AMTRA accredited learning site:  https://sqptraining.learnupon.com/users/sign_in. The available learning modules are ‘Supplements in Canine Joints’ and ‘Supplements in Equine Joints’.

The modules are a great source of information covering areas such as how supplements work and what changes are happening in the body. The CPD can help SQPs make recommendations to improve the wellbeing of dogs and horses experiencing reduced mobility, or where owners want to support long term joint health.

The Lintbells vet site (www.lintbellsvet.com) also offers free CPD on its portal and there are currently three presentations suitable for veterinary nurses available to view on canine behaviour.

For more information about Lintbells and the product range of natural pet supplements visit www.lintbellsvet.com.