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April 23, 2013

Helping Owners Fight Fits In Dogs

Epilepsy in dogs is fairly common and yet remains poorly understood by a lot of dog owners. Fits can be very distressing for owners to witness and it can be difficult to know what to do for the best. That is why The Veterinary Expert is running a free webinar for pet owners on the 9th May at 7.30pm to make sure that anyone who shares their life with a dog knows the facts about canine epilepsy. Those wanting to watch the online presentation can register at www.fightingfits.com.

Presented by Dr Laurent Garosi, a world renowned veterinary specialist in canine neurology, the webinar will focus on the practical information that pet owners need to know. Covering exactly what to do if a dog has a fit, common causes of epilepsy, treatment options and the long term outlook for a pet with the condition, the webinar is a ‘must see’ for anyone who owns a dog and wants to keep them fighting fit.

After the live online broadcast, a link to the recorded webinar will be sent to all those who have registered, even if they didn’t watch the original showing. This means that other engagements and interruptions needn’t get in the way of pet owners learning this essential information as it will be available to all those who have registered, any time of day, for free. Registration is simple – details can be entered at www.fightingfits.com and an e-mail with a link to the broadcast will be sent.

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