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February 22, 2013

Hassle Free CPD From Keysteps Online

Life is better without hassle – no complications, no obstacles and no unnecessary extra work to get things done. When it comes to CPD, keeping things hassle-free is the speciality of Keysteps Online – so much so that 97.6% of current subscribers agree that using it is a doddle.1

From leading CPD providers – CPD Solutions – Keysteps Online offers high quality veterinary CPD on a wide range of topics suitable for first opinion practice. Over 100 hours of online videos, each presented by a top veterinary specialist, deliver no-nonsense information without the need to re-organise rotas, sort locum cover or waste time travelling.

Accompanying study notes, links to relevant published papers and self-assessment quizzes make sure that vets can get the most out of their time spent on CPD. There are also quick-access resources for those moments when you need a hand with a case, such as short surgical reference videos that highlight the key features and possible complications of a surgical procedure – perfect for boning up on something that is new or hasn’t been performed for a while.

Director Susie Coughlan says “Keysteps Online was developed to allow vets and nurses to take control of their precious time whenever and wherever they want”. Videos can be watched again and again and are compatible with tablets and mobile devices so previously ‘dead’ time spent waiting in queues or on public transport could suddenly become useful, freeing up more time to enjoy other things in life. All CPD is automatically recorded, so charting progress is simple and it saves money too, with none of the expenses associated with attendance courses to worry about. For those topics that really do need some hands-on experience though, Keysteps Online subscribers receive a brilliant 20% off all other courses offered by CPD Solutions.

That oh-so-familiar feeling of IT stress can be forgotten too. Keysteps Online videos are supported by all major internet browsers and the programme’s software ensures consistently smooth streaming of videos when used with a broadband internet connection. To make absolutely sure that everything is ok though, all new subscribers are offered a free seven day trial to check for compatibility, with any problems quickly investigated by the team.

Life is too short for hassle, so Keysteps Online offers vets a CPD option that fits around them, not the other way around. To find out more or sign up for your free seven day trial, visit http://keysteps.net/.


About CPD Solutions

A leading supplier of CPD to veterinary professionals and run by vets, CPD Solutions offers both online and attendance courses in a wide variety of subject matters. Trusted and respected, CPD Solutions has attracted a plethora of industry and academic experts to deliver their top quality CPD. Making professional life easier and more fulfilling for vets and vet nurses and allowing them to provide new and enhanced services for their patients, CPD Solutions courses are perfectly suited for those providing first opinion veterinary care. Course are available specifically for vets and vet nurses.

CPD Solutions have a range of online courses and resources available. The Keysteps Online video programmes allow veterinary professionals to complete a large proportion of their CPD online via high quality videos. The Webinar club provides interactive lectures in choice subjects and the online mini series offers focused ‘live’ sessions, notes and a quiz – all easily accessible at any time.

For more information about the full range of courses on offer, visit www.cpd-solutions.com.



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