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March 22, 2016

Hallmarq signs agreement with VCA, North America’s biggest veterinary hospital network

Hallmarq veterinary imagingVCA animal hospitals (VCA), North America’s largest network of over 600 small animal veterinary hospitals, has signed an agreement with Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging for the supply of their high field PetVet 1.5 T Companion Animal MRI. The agreement follows a comprehensive review of the technical capabilities of PetVet and the support provided by Hallmarq. VCA has 83 specialist clinics and over 400 board certified specialists that are likely to require in-house MRI.

Jos Belgrave, CEO of Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging said that this was an agreement that both parties have been working towards for some time, “Like Hallmarq, VCA prefers to partner with key suppliers over a longer period of time, rather than to simply process one-off transactions. It was therefore very important that the management team and specialists were sure that Hallmarq could deliver across critical areas.”

An important consideration for VCA was the high quality images generated by PetVet, which are a result of the veterinary specific coil design and custom sequences. The experts at VCA appreciated the ease of use that allows veterinary nurses or technicians to be trained to operate the system and the experienced Hallmarq support team and training that comes as part of the PetVet package. Once the company was satisfied with the technical aspects of the MRI, other factors such as the installation and running costs were also factored in.

Dr. Steve Fisher, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for VCA says access to advanced diagnostics is essential for its network of specialists, “Pet health is our priority and excellent service is our goal.”

Hallmarq is a rapidly growing company with offices in the UK, North America and Australia and has recently received major awards in innovation and international trade. Jos Belgrave says Hallmarq is delighted to be working with VCA, “It’s an accolade to our core team that an organisation the size of VCA that focuses so firmly on excellence, has decided to look to Hallmarq when considering sourcing best-in-class diagnostic imaging. Our equine MRI broke new boundaries when it launched and we are building a strong reputation in companion animal as our advanced technology becomes more widely known. The new PetVet MRI is based on a magnet which is currently used in over 200 human hospitals around the world, while the Hallmarq software has been driving its Equine MRI for over 10 years.

For further information contact Hallmarq head office on telephone +44 1483 877812 or visit www.hallmarq.net.