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March 13, 2017

Free webinar considers risks from Toxocara to human and animal health

Ian Wright, BVMS, MSc, MRCVS and Head of ESCCAP UK & Ireland

Ian Wright, BVMS, MSc, MRCVS and Head of ESCCAP UK & Ireland

A free webinar on Toxocara, sponsored by BROADLINE® is to take place on Wednesday 29th March at 8pm. Ian Wright, BVMS, MSc, MRCVS and Head of ESCCAP UK & Ireland will speak on ‘Toxocara: A topical update on T. canis and T. cati and the impact on human toxocarosis’.

The webinar will address both canine and feline roundworms in the light of recent research findings that have identified that just over one in four domestic cats that go outdoors are infested with Toxocara and shedding worm eggs.1

Vets and veterinary nurses interested in taking part in the live event or watching the recording can register at http://www.thewebinarvet.com/merial-broadline.

Toxocara poses a significant zoonotic risk and in addition to its potential to cause blindness it has been linked with conditions such as epilepsy and cognitive dysfunction in people. With the potential for 1 person in every 50 to have been exposed to infection2, the implications are serious, both for human and veterinary medicine. Being able to adequately assess the risks of a client’s particular circumstance and provide a trusted recommendation that will protect their pet and family, is extremely important.

The webinar will focus on T.canis and T.cati as sources of human Toxocara infection, the epidemiology and disease consequences and the approach required to achieve control of human toxocarosis.

Lynda Maris, BROADLINE® Product Manager, says that if as a result of this CPD just one child is prevented from becoming infected with Toxocara, it will have been invaluable . “This parasite has the potential to cause devastating effects and veterinary professionals can play an important part in protecting children and families as well as pets. Ian is an expert in the field of parasitology and an excellent speaker. We hope as many veterinary professionals as possible will join us for this session.”

Vets or veterinary nurses registering for the event will also have the opportunity to be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win one of twenty copies of a comprehensive parasitology textbook ‘Prevention of parasitological diseases of pets in the UK’, written by Maggie Fisher.

  1. Wright et al. (2016). The prevalence of intestinal nematodes in cats and dogs from Lancashire, north-west England. JSAP 57: (8), 393-395.
  2. Overgaauw P.A.M & Van Knapen F (2013) Veterinary and public health aspects of Toxocara spp. Veterinary Parasitology 193: 398-403

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