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February 22, 2013

Free Online Veterinary Emergency Training For Pet Owners

Would you know what to do if your pet was the subject of a medical emergency? In fact, would you be able to recognise an emergency situation at all? Often timely intervention by a well-informed owner can make the difference between life and death for animals that are injured or taken critically ill. That is why The Veterinary Expert has developed The Pet Lifesavers programme, which aims to educate owners about how to recognise and what to do in a pet emergency.

Delivered through a series of three webinars on the 20th Feb, 27th Feb and 6th March, information will be given about all the critical things that pet owners need to know. Completely free to view, all that you need is a computer with an internet connection and speakers. After registering at www.petlifesavers.com, an e-mail will be sent with straightforward instructions on how to attend. Don’t worry if you are busy on the webinar dates, get interrupted or miss something whilst watching – everyone who has registered will be sent a link to watch the webinars as many times as they like after the event.

The first webinar covers all the essential first aid skills that a pet owner should have from dealing with cuts, wounds, bites and stings, to handling fits. Pointing out the critical differences between human and pet first aid, the advice on offer could truly be life-saving. The second webinar is about common poisons that pets may encounter. What to do if you suspect your pet has been poisoned is fully explained and some perhaps surprising toxins in the home and garden are pointed out. The final webinar lays out exactly which signs should never be ignored. Allowing owners to differentiate between their pets’ ‘off days’ and genuine veterinary emergencies, watching this webinar might not just save lives, but money too.

As with all the information on offer from The Veterinary Expert, the Pet LifeSavers Programme is developed exclusively by vets, so can be trusted. An extensive library of jargon free articles and videos about pet health can be found at www.theveterinaryexpert.com and if you register for e-mail updates from The Veterinary Expert, you will not only be alerted to new articles and videos as soon as they are available and receive information about upcoming webinars but you will also get the exclusive canine ‘7 signs not to ignore’ guide. The Veterinary Expert is on Facebook and Twitter too, so for fascinating daily pet health facts and hot off the press news, follow @Vet_Expert and visit www.facebook.com/vetexpert where you can put your pet health questions to the team – it’s like having your own online vet!


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