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June 3, 2013

Elanco goes platinum to prove support for dairy industry

Elanco Animal Health has secured a position as a force to be reckoned in the dairy industry in recent years, by continuing to deliver innovative technologies and trusted health solutions. One of Elanco’s latest commitments sees it providing platinum sponsorship to the two-day Large Herd Seminar in Gloucestershire this 25 – 26th of June.

The title of the seminar, ‘Investing For The Future’, compliments a core value of Elanco, who has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the progression of dairy health and welfare.   The presentations will concentrate on effective management strategies for maintaining or growing the larger dairy herd. Amongst the acclaimed national and international speakers addressing topics of the health, production and financial challenges of managing a large herd, will be Elanco’s very own Ruminant Technical Consultant, Mike Christian, discussing how to manage that tricky transition period.

Mike explained: “A whole host of the most common conditions affecting our dairy cows – including the majority of the metabolic problems – can be traced back to inadequate transition management. This really is the crucial period during which small changes can go a long way to improving overall health and productivity.” With extensive experience in this field, Mike’s presentation promises to provide vets, producers and nutritionists with the means to manage the transition period to maximise productivity and minimise disease.

Elanco’s recent successful product launches, Keto-TestTM, a quick and easy milk test for subclinical ketosis, and Kexxtone®, the targeted bolus ketosis treatment for high risk dairy herds, have revolutionised herd management and solidified the company’s position at the forefront of the dairy health industry.  Nigel Underwood, Ruminant Business Unit Manager for Elanco, commented: “At Elanco we pride ourselves on creating more than just animal health solutions – we provide knowledge solutions. By educating and supporting our customers we see a much greater impact on cattle health, welfare and productivity.”

The Large Herd Seminar has run successfully for the last seven years and is a highlight for many in the dairy industry. Mike Christian commented, “The chance to meet and share experiences with  large herd producers, along with the provision of world-class expertise, is an extremely valuable opportunity, which Elanco is delighted to support.”


For further information please visit http://largeherds.com/ or contact Elanco Animal Health, Lilly House, Priestley Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 9NL, Tel 01256 353131, Fax 01256 779510 Email elancouk@lilly.com

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