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October 23, 2012

Dorwest Herbs Relaxed Despite the Fireworks

Practices across the nation are bracing themselves for fireworks season but not all pet owners are aware that their vets can help. Dorwest Herbs is making big efforts to spread the word with its annual ‘Dorwest Say Relax’ fireworks phobia campaign. Not only are there some great promotional packs and product boxes for practices to use but Dorwest is also creating waves in cyberspace as Merlin (the dog from the Dorwest logo) shares his fears of fireworks night in his warts-and-all mockumentary blog. The aim of the campaign is to spread the message that one of the most anxiety inducing calendar dates for pets can be tackled without stress, with the help of the experts in veterinary practice.

Promotional packs for vet practices containing a poster, leaflets and fun flashing badges are available for free with a ‘Dorwest Say Relax’ t-shirt for the first 100 requests for the product boxes, while stocks last. Containing licensed Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and Organic Valerian Compound at a discounted price, the boxes are a great way for practices to get the full snap, crackle and pop out of the fireworks season. With Bonfire night on the 5th and Diwali starting on the 13th, the potential for fireworks at the start of November will likely last a good few weeks. Get your preparations under way now, as there is always a huge demand for Dorwest’s licensed treatments for noise phobias at this time of year.

With social media and ‘from the horse’s mouth’ reviews becoming increasingly popular, Dorwest are running a Facebook competition. The search for the ‘most relaxed dog in the nation’ features some brilliant photographs of laid back characters doing it ‘the Dorwest way’. The prize is a fantastic pet-friendly luxury weekend break, with runners up receiving a Dorwest “Fireworks Survival Kit” before the big night itself. Do you know a cool cat or a dog that’s a dude? If so, encourage their owners to enter the competition at www.facebook.com/Dorwest. If you have a few minutes why not zone out, chillax and de-stress by taking a peek at some of the great entries. Most of them have gone to no effort at all to strike a pose, reminding everyone what a totally relaxed pet looks like. The closing date is the 19th October, so there is still plenty of time for clients to enter.

Complementing all this activity is Merlin’s blog, which is written by vets, ensuring credible information at the heart of a hilarious story. Cringe-worthy encounters with the fairer sex, frustrations at there being no ‘quick-fix’ to his fireworks phobia and plenty of laughs at Merlin’s chaotic life have been thoroughly entertaining his followers. Encourage owners to jump on board if they haven’t already, to track his progress at www.wordpress.com/merlintakescontrol.

If you would like to know what Dorwest can do for your practice to help develop a cracking campaign and a focus on fireworks call the Dorwest helpline on 01308 897272 or ping an email to vet@dorwest.com.