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August 27, 2012

Dorwest Herbs Recruits Merlin to Tackle Firework Phobia

Many pet owners feel that there is no ‘magic’ solution to noise and firework phobias in pets but Dorwest Herbs is set to change their minds. Dorwest has been making herbal medicines for over 60 years and the dog on their logo – Merlin – has been a key figure for most of that time. Now Merlin will come to life in a riveting mockumentary www.merlintakescontrol.wordpress.com that details his life in the lead up to fireworks night. When gorgeous Lola, the Maltese terrier moves in next door, it’s clear that Merlin has to ‘man up’ and conquer his fear, if he’s to stand a chance of winning her affections. The mockumentary maps his journey to find a solution that works for him.

Noise phobias are incredibly common, affecting nearly 50% of the dog population each year1 and many cats. Fireworks season is often extremely distressing for these animals and their owners, yet there are some very simple ways to tackle the condition, including the use of licensed herbal treatments for pets such as Dorwest Herb’s Scullcap and Valerian Tablets.

Says Jo Boughton-White, Dorwest’s M.D., “Merlin’s story makes for a compelling mockumentary and it’s a really fun way of getting a serious message across. There is no reason why pets should have to suffer the distress of firework phobia when vets, vet nurses, or local pet shops can suggest lots of strategies that will help reduce the level of fear and anxiety.”

As part of the ‘Dorwest Say Relax’ campaign, the company is also going to be looking for the most relaxed pet in the nation via Facebook (www.facebook.com/Dorwest). Do you own a Cocker that’s as cool as a cucumber, a mellow yellow Labrador, or a horizontal Himalayan? All cats and dogs can aspire to a relaxed frame of mind during fireworks season if pet owners take the right precautions and plan ahead.

With a pet friendly luxury weekend at a boutique inn for the Facebook competition winner up for grabs, what’s not to ‘like’? The closing date is 19th October to give runners up the opportunity to receive their prize of a Dorwest Firework Survival Pack, ensuring their pets make it through fireworks night, calm and collected. So enter today!

Find reliable noise phobia solutions such as Dorwest’s licensed Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and tried and trusted Organic Valerian Compound at veterinary practices and specialist pet shops. And of course the Dorwest Helpline is just a phone call away – on 01308 897272 – to help with specific queries or order on-line.



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