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August 10, 2015

Business case for veterinary MRI considered in new video show

Vet, former practice owner and co-founder of VPI, the first corporate consolidator of practices in the UK, John Sheridan, will consider the business case for veterinary MRI in his business show on 4th September.

Each week at www.veterinarybusiness.org there is a new video presentation from John on an aspect of practice management.

John commented, “Technology is increasingly important and making the right decision about what to invest in and when, is critical. Any significant investment needs to be considered in terms of what kind of return practices can hope to generate, as well as the benefits accrued in improving clinical standards.  I’ll be addressing all of those questions in my video presentation.”

Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging offer a unique ‘pay as you go’ financing model that makes high field companion animal MRI more accessible to the profession and its standing equine MRI has revolutionised the approach to lameness in horses.

Jos Belgrave CEO at Hallmarq says, “We welcome this independent look at MRI and hope it will help practices in their decision making. Most practices would love to have access to MRI as a diagnostic tool and these days you don’t even need a MRI technician to operate one, as there is remote support available and even an MRI reading service. It’s the financials that have to stack up though and John’s expertise in this area is unquestioned.”

To view the video show on MRI, go to www.veterinarybusiness.org on or after 4th September.