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February 5, 2013

Animal DNA Testing Lab – Owner At Crufts 2013

June Swinburne, experienced geneticist and owner of Animal DNA Diagnostics, will be attending this years’ Crufts to help owners, breeders and enthusiasts from all over Europe to test their animals and/or learn more about how DNA testing can make a huge impact on the future health of some dog breeds.

Crufts sees the world’s largest collection of pedigree dogs assemble once a year and discussion about disease/health condition predispositions and the ethics of some breed standards almost inevitably follows closely behind. However, with constant advances in the number of genetic tests available for dogs, more and more carrier animals can be identified and allow responsible breeding choices to be made by dog breeders.

DNA testing allows certain genetic diseases to be picked up before breeding by identifying faulty genes. Never mind the hours of training and grooming required to get a dog ready for a show, the actual work starts when the parents of a future Crufts champion are selected. Using DNA tests to make responsible breeding choices about which dogs to pair can eliminate the possibility of some breed health problem predispositions. There are also tests available for identifying if a dog has the genetic potential to produce certain coat colours or other desirable traits.

DNA tests can also be used to confirm a dog’s parentage, which can make all the difference in a show like Crufts, where good breeding matters. Animal DNA Diagnostics is forming partnerships with breed societies to provide parentage services to their breeders and is happy to receive enquiries from other breeds interested in this service. Parentage testing for individual litters is also offered.

June will be available at Crufts 2013 to discuss the tests that Animal DNA Diagnostics offers, hand out home sample kits or receive samples that have been taken. DNA samples can be taken by a dog’s owner using a mouth swab* in a quick, painless and straightforward procedure and all instructions are included in the testing kit. Kits can be ordered from www.animaldnadiagnostics.co.uk, samples can be sent back to the lab in the normal post and all orders can be paid for online in GBP or Euros. To arrange to meet June at Crufts 2013 and hand over samples in person, pick up a testing kit or just have a chat, e-mail info@animaldnadiagnostics, phone 01223 395577 or visit www.animaldnadiagnostics.co.uk/page/contact-us.

*Some breed registries require blood samples to be submitted for testing – if unsure, please check with the appropriate breed authority or phone the lab for advice before ordering testing kits.

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About Animal DNA Diagnostics

Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd is a new DNA testing laboratory based in Cambridge. The focus of the laboratory is to provide professional, accurate and competitively priced testing for inherited disease and traits in dogs and horses.

The tests will be performed using state-of-the-art molecular techniques such as PCR, fragment length polymorphism and DNA sequencing.

The laboratory is led by Dr June Swinburne, an experienced geneticist with sixteen years of experience in the field of animal genetics. Dr Swinburne has led research to identify inherited disease mutations and has developed commercial DNA testing protocols.

DNA Profiling and Parentage Verification will also be available for dogs, cats and horses and breed societies who are interested in comprehensive DNA Profiling or Parentage Verification should get in contact to discuss this further (info@animaldnadiagnostics.co.uk).


Animal DNA Diagnostics provide an array of DNA tests which can:

• Identify potential breeding stock carrying specific recessive inherited diseases

• Definitively diagnose animals suspected of suffering from a specific inherited disease

• Identify animals which carry hidden trait genes, such as coat colour or hair type

• Perform DNA profiling

• Perform parentage verification for family groups, where this is in doubt

• Perform parentage verification for breed registries

A list of the full range of tests available can be found at https://www.animaldnadiagnostics.co.uk/page/products


Please visit www.animaldnadiagnostics.co.uk for more information