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August 15, 2013

A Veterinary View on Cattle Nutrition

Following on from its hugely successful series of free CPD webinars on ketosis earlier this year, Elanco Animal Health has announced it will be hosting three more webinars for large animal practitioners to be held in the coming autumn. This latest series will focus on nutrition of the transition dairy cow. The talks aim to provide vets with the expertise to devise herd health plans for optimal performance, health and welfare of transition dairy cows, minimising the risk of production diseases and how to effectively manage any cases that arise. The two highly regarded, independent, expert speakers for the CPD series are Finbar Mulligan and Hefin Richards.

Finbar Mulligan

A multidisciplinary approach, involving vets, farmers and nutritionists is required for optimal herd management. Understanding nutrition allows vets to play a more central role in enhancing the feeding and productivity of the herds under their care and represents a significant opportunity for positive intervention in nutrition-related diseases.

The two speakers provide a wealth of experience from the field and will no doubt be imparting ample amounts of practical advice. Finbar Mulligan BAgr MAgrSc PhD is a lecturer in animal nutrition at the School of Veterinary Medicine at University College Dublin. Finbar is also an active member of the UCD herd health group and regularly participates in herd health investigations that are related to dairy cow nutrition or production disease.

Hefin Richards


Hefin Richards of Profeed Nutrition Consultancy, is an expert in ruminant nutrition, his company currently works with 12 000 high yielding dairy cows from herds ranging from 120 to 800. As well as providing technical excellence, Hefin’s work also involves promoting a multidisciplinary approach to herd management on farm.

The webinars are scheduled for Tuesday evenings between 6-7pm on 3rd September, 1st October and 12th November. To book a place now go to http://www.veterinarywebinars.com/info/dairy/ and get to grips with the increasingly important and progressive team approach to optimal herd health management.