Endlessly creative, the team at Companion Consultancy is never stuck for a good idea, or a way to say it better. But that’s just the starting point. Actually delivering a finished product, getting the word out and ensuring a return on investment, involves hard slog. That’s the point when real professionals knuckle down and exceed your expectations.

Content generation

  • Copywriting – consumer and professional; online and print
  • Technical writing – reviews, original content (ZINC trained)
  • Video, filming, animation, graphics
  • Infographics


  • Social media management
  • Websites and landing pages
  • Blogs and blogger outreach
  • E-newsletters – templates, design, content, images, distribution and reporting

Public Relations: It’s Not All ‘Talk’

  • Press releases optimised for easy integration with social media
  • Global press list including specialist press lists for vet press, pet trade press and¬†agriculture
  • White papers
  • Exciting, innovative campaigns
  • Surveys

Marketing Campaigns and Support Materials

  • Leaflets, posters, detailers, point of sale materials
  • Ad design and media planning
  • Consistent campaigns with a strong identity across a range of materials
  • That million-dollar look for a fraction of your budget!