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October 23, 2013

Vets can help hearts and heroes

  • New Helping Hearts competition, from Novartis Animal Health, makers of Fortekor®, opens 14th October
  • Every entry prompts a donation to inspirational charity Hounds for Heroes
  • 10 Red Letter Day Experiences to be won!

Vets are accustomed to working together with their clients to help pets live healthier, happier lives. Now Novartis Animal Health is asking vets to help others too by taking part in the Helping Hearts competition at www.notjustoneheart.com, with each entry prompting a donation from the company to the charity Hounds for Heroes. Participating vets have the opportunity to brush up on their knowledge of heart disease, answer a few simple questions and could be in with a chance to win one of 10 exciting Red Letter Day Experiences.

Vets know that a diagnosis of heart disease in a canine patient affects the owner emotionally too. It’s a condition that affects up to 10% of dogs,1 so it is important that vets are well equipped to deal with the clinical consequences, as well as having a deep appreciation of the impact on the owner. Novartis has identified that 86% of clients that own dogs with congestive heart failure value the pet’s quality of life over survival time.2 An impressive 92% of owners observed that treatment with Fortekor® had a positive impact on their dog.3


By visiting the site, which is packed full of information on clinical treatment and clients’ views and priorities, then taking just a few minutes to take part in the competition, each vet triggers a £1 donation to Hounds for Heroes (www.houndsforheroes.com). The charity has had a significant impact on improving quality of life by providing specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled men and women of both the UK Armed Forces and Civilian Emergency Services. Hounds for Heroes was set up by Allen Parton, who was himself injured in service. Allen freely admits that he owes his life to Endal – a Labrador that developed skills beyond his initial basic training and who proved so inspiring to everyone who met him and that he was awarded the accolade ‘Dog of the Millennium’. With two squadrons of puppies currently in basic training, there are hopefully a few more canine heroes like Endal waiting in the wings. Vets can make an important contribution towards turning the puppies into fully fledged assistance dogs simply by entering the Helping Hearts competition and encouraging their colleagues to do so too.

Senior Category Manager Cardiology/Nephology Brock Abreu says, “Here at Novartis Animal Health, we are absolutely thrilled to be supporting such a life changing and life enhancing cause. I know this is a charity that many vets feel they can relate to and we are encouraging as many of them as possible to take part. I’d be delighted if we were inundated with entries and could make an impressive donation to Hounds for Heroes on behalf of vets across the country.”

Red Letter Day Experience prizes mean that 10 vets will find taking part even more rewarding. The competition opens on 14th October, so next coffee break, all the vets in the practice can get out their smartphones and visit www.notjustoneheart.com  for the instant satisfaction that comes from doing something for others and the anticipation of potentially winning something special for themselves too.

The competition will run from 14th October to 31st December 2013. Competition rules apply, please check website for details.