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November 6, 2012

Veterinary Bloggers…

It seems to have been a bit of a blogging whirlwind this last couple of months. We have been masquerading as a plucky, scruffy little dog called Merlin for Dorwest Herbs in a blog for their fireworks campaign. For the large animal audience, we have just launched an expert panel blog to share information about and discuss sub-clinical disease, including ketosis. There is also a fluke alert blog in the pipeline for Elanco and Susan has been merrily blogging away in her capacity as editor of new veterinary magazine VetPerspective – soon to be seen on a screen near you. Add managing our own blog here on the new Companion website to that little lot and we are becoming totes amazeballs bloggers.

Blogs are a fabulous way of using social media to share content. Great content is the only way to build and maintain a loyal audience, but allowing that to occur organically takes time. Many prolific and successful bloggers took over a year to really start gaining momentum with their followers. When we are blogging on behalf of companies or as part of a campaign though, that sort of time period is just not acceptable for results to be seen.

There are ways to accelerate a rise within the blogosphere though and we have a fair few tips and tricks up our sleeves. It takes a lot of hard work and some lateral thinking sometimes, but that is what we are all about here at Companion! It’s working well, with the Merlin blog receiving over 1400 views after two months, from all across the globe, with quite a surprise following in Slovenia, of all places!

We envisage more and more companies turning to online content as the way of spreading their messages and blogging is a fantastic way to achieve that. It’s incredible the information already out there on sites like Blogspot and WordPress. Hours can easily be lost reading about all the fascinating things that people get up to and have to say. Have a look around – you never know what you might find!