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October 23, 2012

Developing New Perspectives…

Susan McKay, Companion’s MD reports from the editorial coal face:

The last few months have been hectic as I’ve taken on the role of editor for a new veterinary publication. The VetPerspective Handbook is out in time for London Vet Show and hopefully will be a really good read. I know that I have enjoyed reading the various contributions sourced from people in practice and within the veterinary industry. Everyone has their own slant on things and I think it’s a nice mixture of new ideas, state of the nation reviews and a few hidden gems. The team at Ten Alps has done a brilliant job of holding my hand throughout my editorial debut – from explaining why I can’t introduce an article with the phrase ‘Read it and weep fat boy!’ to introducing me to the wonderful concept of the flat plan in all its various permutations.

Being an editor gives you a real appreciation for the importance of detail – something that as a notorious ‘blue sky’ thinker I have always struggled with. Luckily, PR provides the perfect background if you want to develop skills in the finer points of grammar. The bug is definitely catching though. We have long and tedious debates in the office about the difference between symptoms and clinical signs, where to put the semi-colons and the difference between dependent and dependant. At other times we are pondering the relative beauty of various cows or searching for just the right rabbit. I love my job!

I have to say though the biggest challenge has been writing a lengthy piece on what lies ahead for the veterinary industry. I’ve been polishing my crystal ball and the future still looks murky. I wonder what vets out there consider to be the big game changers for practice going forwards. Several pages in I felt I was still scratching the surface like a lazy Rhode Island Red. It will be interesting to hear the feedback and if you have any thoughts right here, right now, it would be great to hear them. It’s too late for additions to the final piece but there’s ample time to bring me out in a cold sweat over important omissions.

The important question then is would I do it all again? Watch this space for news on that front…