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June 20, 2012

Into the Future…

Well, here we are with our first blog on our shiny new website. And very exciting it is too. For us, our website isn’t just a static showcase of everything we can do. We have deliberately made an effort to use our site as a ‘live’ entity, a place from which we can launch press releases onto social media platforms. We’d like to think that vets, nurses, practice managers, receptionists – in fact anyone at all ‘vetty’ can visit this site and find something to interest them. Even if  it’s just a tiny nugget of an idea or a surge of inspiration and enthusiasm, it would be great to think that this site has had some positive influence.

When Companion Consultancy was set up we never imagined the impact that social media would have. In fact the term ‘social media’ was probably only coined sometime in the early 1990’s according to most reports. While we might be hearing a lot about the death of print as a result of social media, I think we are a long way from that in the veterinary industry. We still find when we run campaigns that the fax machine is, if not still king at least some sort of minor prince of communication. Our theory is that it’s easy for the decision maker to fill out the fax back form and delegate the actual sending to someone else but we do also find that home email addresses appear as a contact as often as practice e-mails. And having worked in practice, we know vets and nurses are sometimes more likely to be hovering over a sweaty Labrador than a hot PC.

At the risk of sounding old, ‘in my day’ you might pick up a veterinary magazine during your coffee break. These days I suppose we are all more likely to pick up our mobiles to surf the Internet, update our Facebook status, or text our nearest and dearest. I’m guessing that most of you are still reading veterinary magazines though. Have you changed your habits – are you more likely to read a vet magazine at breakfast now, or do you amass a whole bunch of them and read them ‘seriously’ for CPD purposes, or maybe they are still the best accompaniment to tea and biscuits known to man (or woman)? It would be interesting to know…

We may be vets but maybe there’s not quite enough of us to constitute a representative sample. We are always interested to hear what you think about these comments and other veterinary issues. And of course the shiny new website!